Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holidays Really Are Upon Us

How do you know the holiday season is officially here? It’s those special ads that come around once a year, they never change, you can count on that. Who has does not have fond memories of the Chia Pet or The Clapper? I mean having your lights turn on by clapping your hands is certainly a cheery thought for the holidays and who doesn’t just love the idea of putting seeds on a clay shaped animal to watch them grow? Every year for as long as I can remember these ads run relentlessly throughout December, it has become the real tell tale sign for me that Christmas is upon us.

My parents always went over board for the holidays. We had many family gatherings, consumed enormous amounts of yummy food, and were showered with meaningful presents. The holidays were always a happy time of year for me growing up, which makes me a prime target for those commercials that spark memories of holidays past. This year there is a certain car commercial that shows various individuals not wanted to replace their favorite childhood memory for instance. For some reason I love that commercial, not that I’m going to run right out and buy a new car right now, but how many of you can relate? What is your favorite childhood gift, the one you remember forever and do those commercials really work on you?


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